Linux Disk Encryption
November 26, 2016 — 13:04

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Linux Disk Encrption using Device Mapper, cryptsetup frontend and Linux Unified Key Setup LUKS (on disk format).


cryptsetup -y -v luksFormat /dev/sdb1
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdb1 foo
cryptsetup status foo -v


cryptsetup --test-passphrase open /dev/sdb1 # (non-LUKS)
cryptsetup luksOpen --test-passphrase /dev/sdb1
cryptsetup isLuks /dev/sdb1 && echo IMaLUKS
cryptsetup luksDump /dev/sdb1


(asks current passphase first)

cryptsetup -y luksChangeKey <target device> -S <target key slot number>
cryptsetup -y luksChangeKey /dev/sdb1 -S 1

Or use gui gnome-disks:

  • Disks (gnome-disks)
  • 1.0TB Hard Disk
  • Volumes: “Partition 1 1.0 TB LUKS”
  • Cogs/wheels

Add/remove key:

sudo cryptsetup -y luksAddKey ENCRYPTED_PARTITION
sudo cryptsetup luksRemoveKey ENCRYPTED_PARTITION


dmsetup ls --tree
lsblk --fs

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