May 5, 2022 — 18:00

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What is a Man DevOps?

It started out with a pretty clear definition: Development and Operations teams working together (history at Wikipedia). Meaning Dev’s no longer throw code over the fence for Ops to take care of. And no more long waits for Ops to deliver new environments. Instead, leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and create CI/CD pipelines to build, test and deploy code automatically.

Then it became a hype and now many companies use the name “DevOps Engineer” for all kinds of different roles such as Sysadmins or Platform/Infra Engineers. Since there is certainly overlap this can make matching knowledge, experience and skills to what is actually needed somewhat difficult.

Also, the term is currently often associated with Cloud, Microservices, Containers, Kubernetes, GitOps, services like AWS CF and Azure Pipelines and tooling such as GitLab CI, Docker, Ansible and Terraform…

and a lot more (via: CNCF,

DevOps Ad Absurdum

From source

DevOps ..without Devs? Wait, did anything actually change?

Before DevOps / After DevOps : r/ProgrammerHumor

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at least it’s easier to transfer a container to a cloud, than move a laptop to a DC ;)

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