January 20, 2014 — 0:40

Author: silver  Category: linux  Comments: Off

Copying files locally and between hosts using ssh

Used options:

a archive (-rlptgoD)
A preserve ACLs
c checksum
n dry-run
r recursive
v verbose


rsync -arv --delete /mnt1/backups/ /mnt2/backups/

l recreate symlinks
t preserve modification times

rsync  -v -rlt --delete /mnt1/backups/ /mnt2/backups/rsync -avte 'ssh -p 2299' /dir1/dir2/ [email protected]:/dir1/dir2/
for i in dir1 dir2 dir2; do
        rsync -avte 'ssh -i /root/rsync_id_rsa -p 2222' /source/$i/ [email protected]:/target/$i/

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