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Virtuozzo virtualization (VZ):


Create Container:

vzctl set 104 --save --ipadd --hostname node104 --nameserver --userpasswd root:node104
vzctl create 99 --ostemplate centos-6-x86_64
vzctl set 99 --save --hostname --ipadd --nameserver

Optional parameters: --diskspace 10000000 # 10GB diskspace --ram 1024M --swap 512M
UBC: physpages swappages 262144×8 = 8GB

prlctl create 101 --vmtype ct

Create VM:

ls /etc/vz/conf/dists
prlctl create MyVM --distribution win-2008 --vmtype vm

List containers:

vzlist -o ctid,hostname,ip,gw,offline_management,status,ostemplate,uptime
vzps -eo ctid,user,vpid,pid,pcpu,pmem,vsz,tty,stat,start_time,bsdtime,args


Install/remove package in container:

vzpkg install -p 101 yum
vzpkg remove -p 101 postgresql -w

Update package cache:

vzpkg update cache centos-6-x86_64


List on server:

# vzarestore -l -f
# vzarestore --browse xxxx-0000-0000-0000-xxxx/20140708031442 -d /dir

List vzabackups with oneliner:


# vzarestore 1207 --files /dir/file -b xxxx-0000-0000-0000-xxxx/20140708031442 --skip-ve-config --storage [email protected]


exec ls on all ct’s on hwnode

for i in $( vzlist -Hoveid ); do vzctl exec $i ls; done

Clone container:

vzmlocal -C 101:111

Migrate container:

pmigrate c localhost/<CTID> c host2/<CTID> --online -v


cat /proc/vz/hwid


Move CT:

Important! For the command to be successful, a direct SSH connection (on port 22) should be allowed between the source and destination servers.
Make sure network connection can be established from destination to the source TCP port 1622.

# prlctl migrate


echo <vnc_password> | nohup prl_vncserver_app --auto-port --min-port 5800 --max-port 65535 --passwd <VM_UUID> &
prlctl set name --vnc-mode auto --vnc-passwd pass123
vncviewer localhost:5800 -geometry=1280x960

Parallels Tools

prlctl installtools <VM_NAME>

Windows VM:

prlctl set  --device-set cdrom0 --connect --enable --image /usr/share/parallels-server/tools/prl-tools-win.iso


vzctl set 1788 –save –netif_add eth0
vzctl set 1788 –save –ifname eth0 –network NW-NAME –gateway –ipadd –dhcp6 yes
prlctl set 1788 –device-add net –network NW-NAME –ipadd –ipadd –dhcp6 yes –gw

VZ Windows:

Fix pva agent:

echo exit > exit.cmd
for /f %i in ('vzlist -Ho veid') do vzctl enter %i < exit.cmd

bind mounts (nfs, cifs):

vzctl set 1113 --bindmount_add /vz/www:/var/www/vhosts/1,nosuid,noexec,nodev /mnt/dir1:/mnt/dir2,nosuid,noexec,nodev --save
mount -n -t simfs /vz/www /vz/root/1502/var/www/vhosts/2 -o /vz/www

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