Editing code & config
July 16, 2021 — 16:31

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Some people still like to use a basic editor without linting, formatters or even syntax coloring. "Why do I need this and spent time setting it up?", they say.

I used to be one of those people, until I realized I was wasting time finding out I missed a curly brace or white space character somewhere, indentation was wrong or I used a variable out of scope. It’s simply a more efficient and pleasant workflow to just get a notice about such trivialities or get them fixed automatically. And with a bit more effort your editor can be an transformed into an IDE with code completion and (remote) debugging capabilities.

For example both Vim (vim-linting) and VSCode (awesome-vscode) can easily be extended with plugins for all kinds of specific programming languages from Python, Bash script or JS to C. And the same goes for config like Dockerfiles, JSON, YAML etc. But also think XML, HTML or Markdown.

Since we have CI/CD pipelines that take care of this too, does a local editor setup matter? Yes, because pipelines will fail on commit, you have to find out why and then make changes and retry. Why waste time?

Give your editor the love it deserves :)

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